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February 2nd4th

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The 2024 Performing Hypnosis Summit will feature Stage Hypnotists,

Street Hypnotists, Mentalists, Speakers, and Performance Hypnotists

of all kinds from all over the world in this incredible 2.5 - day online and in-person event.



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Because it's an online event you will learn from presenters from all over the world. Experts eager to help you to get better.

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Share the experiene with your colleagues and your friends. "Your network is your net worth" - Porter Gale

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You love to perform but you have to make money to survive. Learn how, here. Learn more, serve more, earn more.

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Do you want to level up your skills and your bank account? Or are you a beginner looking to start a new adventure? Register!

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With our affordable VIP package you can rewatch your favorites and catch the ones you missed.

These were the 2023 Presenters.

Tom Silver

My 38 Years In The Hypnosis Business And Scientific Hypnosis That Works.

Paul Ramsey

The Pandemic Has Accelerated the Demise of Traditional Stage Hypnotism: What do We do Now?

William Mitchell

The Clients Want The WOW, The Stage Techniques Hypnotic Phenomena!

Dan Goyette

I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, why should I learn about stage Hypnosis?

Jeff Benink

Engineer Your Performance

To Fit All.

Artur Makiela

How Stage Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Complement Each Other.

James Szeles

Tips From Being On The Road For 40 Years


Roundtable Discussion

Justin Trance

Hypnotizinng Through A

Language Barrier

Jonathan Royle

Television and Media Hypnosis Success Made Easy


Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism Success Made Easy

Michael Brody

Propping Up Your Hypnosis Show With Props

Colin Chapman

Call it COMEDY Hypnosis Instead of STAGE Hypnosis


Comedy for Hypnotists

Derrick Watkins

Doing Comedy Hypnosis Shows That Amaze!

Graham Webber

A Magicians Approach To Hypnosis

Anthony Galie

The Corporate Hypnotist


Roundtable Discussion

Ron Stubbs

Stepping Into/Creating Your Character

Jeffrey Powers

Vocal Power for Stage Hypnotists

John Cerbone

Throwing the Lightning, Bringing the Thunder!

Albert Nerenberg

All The World's A Stage: Even Under Hypnosis

Terry Stokes

The Roundtable Discussion

Marshall Sylver

Crush it From the Stage and Make the Big Bucks

Jim Lutes

Pull Back The Curtain On Markets That Are Available To You.

Richard Barker

Discover The The 5 Steps That Will Dramatically Increase Your Bookings

Adam Cox

The Digital Hypnotist

Karl Wirtz

Why Instant Inductions For Street, Stage And Therapy Are So Important!

Steve Supachana

Marketing Matters: The Benefits of Investing in Your Hypnosis Practice

Scott McFall

Ending Keynote

Alan Sands

Using Vimeo To

Produce Passive Income

Lisa Kunschick

(H)R-Rated Hypnosis Shows

Grant Saunders


Jim Kellner


Shawn Kostiuk

Tech Guru

*Schedule and speakers subject to change

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